Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR)

DeepinView ANPR Camera

1. Background

  •  With the vehicle applications gaining popularity in daily life, intelligent vehicle management becomes important in many industries.
  • Hikvision ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology can detect and identify the vehicle’s unique license plate number and is an important component of a sophisticated vehicle management system.
  • While Hikvision’s ANPR technology has been approved by many Chinese customers for its high accuracy, lack of a universal license plate format in the overseas market presented a great challenge.
  • Hikvision’s ANPR technology was created to be applied globally in diverse places since it does not rely on prior information (such as plate character structure, plate color, etc.).

2. Key Technologies

  •  Hikvision ANPR technology is able to extract license plates from the complicated background, separate and recognize each character on the plate, and reformat the plate information.
  •  The technology consists of Plate Locating, Character Partitioning, and Character Recognition.

Figure 1 Plate Recognition Flow

3. Applications

  • Hikvision ANPR technology features the most advanced machine learning algorithm and the image processing measure, and reaches extremely high accuracy.
  • It has the following advantages:
    •  Small resource occupation;
    • High recognition efficiency;
    •  Great capability: round-the-clock recognition and minimally affected by weather;
    • Global application: supports Arabic numeric, English characters, and any other languagecharacters.
DeepinView ANPR Camera
DeepinView ANPR Camera

Figure 2 Hikvision ANPR Global Application Examples

  •  Most of the traditional ANPR technologies, which depend a lot on the license plate color and structure, theaccuracy rises and falls affected by the environment, are applied limiting by their disadvantages.
  •  And if there are multiple plate types in the application region, their recognition accuracy would greatly reduce.
  •  Hikvision’s ANPR technology, however, does not rely on specific environmental and regional conditions.
  • Hikvision’s advanced algorithms can recognize multiple plate types.
  •  Hikvision ANPR cameras satisfy global applications with recognition accuracy higher than 95 percent.
  • Versions customized for specific region can reach 98 percent accuracy or more.
  •  At present, Hikvision ANPR cameras have been applied in parking lots, buildings’ entrance and exist, etc. and are approved by many customers.